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Round 2
tur2The second round of 2013 WJCC was over at 21:30 p.m tonight. While the rating favourites were the winners of the day on the first second boards, IM Cemil Can Ali Marandi (2403) of Turkey made a draw against one of the favourites of the championship GM Nils Grandelius(2576) on the third board.

The most surprising game of the day was the Serbian player IM Alexander Indjic with black pieces has unexpectedly lost the game against IM Jahongir Vakhidov from Uzbekistan on the 9th board.

Mustafa Berkay Ozdover(2005) had a great performance today and gained one point aganst his opponent IM Richard Wang(2430) from Canada.

Moreover, GM Jorge Cori(2587), the third rating favourite of the championship, was able to make a draw against CM Atilla Koksal Yuksel (2060) from Turkey.

Right after the second round of the game,16 players are having full points.

GM Alexander Ipatov, IM Cemil Can Ali Marandi, Mustafa Berkay Ozdover, IM Vahap Sanal, Atilla Koksal Yuksel, Diyap Buyukaşık were the ones without any loss of game just before the third round among the Turkish players.

Burak Fırat, one of the best Turkish player losing his game at the first round, was about to loose the game but turned it to his advantage and won the game today.

In Girls category, the first two parties made draws today, but the Russian player WGM Alexandra Goryachkina, who performed great development in recent years, had full points after a 80 movement of game against her opponent WIM Altanulzıı Enkhtuul.

The Russian player WIM Maria Bezgodova(2172) also had full points against The Georgian WGM Meri Arabidze (2379) on the 6th board.

The winner of the game between WFM Yiyi Xiao and WGM Roud Padmini was the Chinese player Xiao on the 8th board.

So, Goryachkina, Bulmaga, Bezgodova, Saduakassova, Zhai, Xiao, Medina, Sihite, Abdulmalik, Nguyen, Pavlidou had full points before the third round.

Busra Arig(1788) against Zsofia Edez'e(2044) and Deniz Firat(1664) against Loja Belen Matute (1955) were the only winners of the day among the Turkish players.

IMG 4327
IM Burak Firat(TUR)
IMG 8276
Turkish girls are enjoying themselves before the 2nd round
IMG 8292
FM Lanita Stetsko (BLR)
IMG 8300
WGM Dinara Saduakassova(KAZ)
IMG 8307
WFM Dorsa Derakhshani(IRI)
IMG 8311
Gamzenur Güney (TUR)
IMG 8313
Kyzy Aizhan Alymbay(KGZ)
IMG 8321
 Handshake before the round
IMG 8356
IM Zurab Javakhadze(GEO)
IMG 8379
Zhanna Karabayeva (KAZ)
IMG 8400
Efe Mert Kilic (TUR)
IMG 8421
WGM Aleksandra Goryachkina (RUS)
IMG 8427
IM Vahap Sanal (TUR)
IMG 8428
IM Vladislav Kovalev (BLR)
IMG 8429
CM Cankut Emiroglu (TUR)
IMG 8433
Hongyan Liu (CHN)
 WIM Ekaterini Pavlidou (GRE)
IMG 8436
Suat Sozen, The Manager of Corporate Communications of Is Bank ,
the main sponsor of TCF,
paid us a visit during the 2nd round
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