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Ipatov and Bulmaga Takes the First Rank
Girls 1- 4The ninth round of World Junior Chess Championship finished at 20:24 tonight. After a really very interesting opening on the first board, both players had to be satified with a draw with opposite bishops at the end of the game. GM Alexander Ipatov had the dominance right from the beginning and a glorious victory and became the sole leader with 8 points again.

Jorge Cori was in a better position from the opening and defeated Idani who prefered the Benoni.

Samvel Ter Sahakyan, with his experience, played the Najdorf against Kovalev and won the game with his 25...Rxe4 move and reached 6,5 points.

Albeit Vahap Sanal was two pawns lack from his opponent, he managed to make a draw. Batuhan Dastan lost against the Roumanian player and still has 5 points at all.

Diyap Buyukaşik, Cemil Can Ali Marandi, Mustafa Berkay Ozdover and Esat Baglan defeated their opponents today and all have 5,5 points before the tenth round. Burak Fırat and Burak Uysal had also gains today and now have 5 points.

In the Girls category, the game turned down as Alina played 27... Bd6 rather than Qb6,then Bulmaga had her victory as she was about to lose the game and became the sole leader with 7,5 points.

On the second board, Goryachkina practiced her Sveshnikov ideas well and had a good victory.

Padmini couldn't have a gain with black pieces although she had pawn advantage and made a draw.

The shocking game was on the fourth board that Sabina was about to mate her opponent but she couln't realize the Ng4 move and made a draw with Nh3-Nf2 checks.

Deysi Cori was on her lucky day today that although she was lack of material, she defeated Wang Jue as a result of her endless mistakes.

Among the Turkish players, the balanced game between Busra Arıg and Deniz Firat finished as it started and ended in draw. Gamze Nur Guney lost the game as she couln't realize her opponent's Nxe4 tactic after the opening with White pieces.

You can reach the photo gallery of the ninth round from below.

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