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Round 10
Ani Krumova Deniz FiratThe tenth round of the championship was over at 21:00. On the first board, Jorge Cori couldn't take the advantage at opening against GM Ipatov so, he didn't want to force the game more and agreed on a draw. Yangyi Yu made a victory against Indjic by his nice Night moves against Najdorf taking the advantage of weakness of the d5 square.

Ter Sahakyan used Duda's 19...Nf8 mistake , gained the pawn advantage and easily defeated his opponent.

Wei Yi profited Grover's 11.Vd3 bad move playing Nxe5 and won the game.

Among the Turkish players, the game between Diyap Buyukaşik and Cemil Can Marandi was worth to see but both sides had to be satisfied with half points. Batuhan Dastan surprised us by making a draw although he had Rook advantage against his Italian opponent.

Mustafa Berkay Ozdover was defeated because of his choice of wrong strategy and was to go through the game end with bad Bishop as his opponent profited from his weakness of the black squares.

While Burak Fırat and Vahap Sanal had no difficulty in winning their games with black pieces, Burak Uysal performed really well against his Chinese opponent but was not good enough to make a profit and lost the game.

In the Girls category, Bulmaga risked the game playing Benoni against Goryachkina. Albeit Goryachkina had the material advantage, she couldn't find the opportunity to defeat her opponent and made a draw.

Alina had the pawn advantage but, she preferred playing 32..Re2 rather than 32.Ne2 and lost her chance to make a gain, permanently when the black player captured g4 square with her Knight, the white player couldn't convert the game into a victory and made a draw

On the third board, Padmini gave her advantage to her opponent as she had the opportunity to capture the pawn that she had sacrificed and preferred to capture the b5 pawn with her Bishop, but not the Knight. Deysi Cori won this game and reached the second rank with 7,5 points in total.

Among the Turkish players, Deniz Firat and Ezgi Adanmis lost their games and both have 4 points.

Cansu Soylemez won against Buşra Arig and has 4.5 before the eleventh round.

You can reach the photo gallery of the tenth round below.


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