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Before last round Yu and Goryachkina are leading
Yangyi Yu Aleksandra Goryachkina
The 12th round of the WJCC finished at 20.30. Ter Sahakyan-Yu Yangyi: In a typical Hedgehog middlegame, white didn't know what to do with his space advantage while black continuously improved his position. As a result Yu Yangyi won a pawn and converted his material advantage easily in the endgame.

Wei Yi-Ipatov: Wei Yi got a structural advantage in the Steinitz Variation of Petroff Defence but when he allowed his opponent to exchange knights he lost almost all his advantage. However it was just the beginning of the drama. The Chinese grandmaster, obviously thinking that he has the perpetual check in his hand, sacrificed a whole rook with 27. Rf6 and complicated the game. The critical moment came when Ipatov played 29... Kxf6. Preventing the Kg2 idea seen in the game by playing 29...Bxf2! Ipatov could score an important win but instead he allowed perpetual check and thus made a draw. To be fair it wasn't easy to see the difference the move 29...Bxf2! makes as it might seem also dangerous .

Vidit-Cori: In a rare variation of Grünfeld Defence, black lost his way by playing sacrificially with no adequate compensation while burning all his time to create some play for the material deficit. The game finished when Cori lost exchange with a zeitnot blunder.

Sethuraman-Kovalev: Kovalev managed to come out of the opening without any particular problem and soon got an advantage. However misplaying the position he first lost his advantage and then with crucial mistakes he allowed Sethuraman to walk away with full point in this complicated game.

Before the last round, the Turkish players to have the best points are IM Cemil Can Ali Marandi, IM Burak Fırat 7,5, M Batuhan Daştan 7,0, Diyap Büyükaşık, IM Vahap Şanal 6,5 and CM Ege Köksal 6 points.

Goryachkina-Arabidze: After an interesting game where the black had a pawn for the exchange, Arabidze prefered to play actively but thus she gave her opponent a chance to win the game. İndeed, there seemed no way to win for Goryachkina even if Arabidze would stand still doing nothing. In the end Arabidze paid heavily for allowing the queens and rooks to be exchanged and lost the game in what was an easy ending for white.

Rodriguez-Bulmaga: Rodriguez technically proved the weakness of her opponent's kingside by gaining the weak black pawns one by one in the end, thus forcing Bulmaga to resign. It was a nice victory for Rodriguez.

Cori-Abdumalik: Black took advantage of the careless and stereotypical opening play of white and a disheartened Cori lost the game terribly. Probably, Cori will try to delete this game out of her memory.

Kashlinskaya-Padmini: Kashlinskaya decided to take the game into a rook ending when she couldn't get any advantage from the opening. Her opponent seemed to have no objection to this and after a short struggle the game ended in a draw.

Before the last round, the Turkish players to have the best points are Cansu Soylemez with 6 points, Deniz Firat with 5 and Cagla Yaren Aslan with 5 points.

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